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Classic Manicure $19
Shaping, Cuticle Maintenance, Exfoliation, Relaxing Hand & Forearm Massage and Polish.
Deluxe Manicure $25
Full Manicure, Relaxing Massage, Warm Paraffin and Delightful Herbal Oil.
Premium Manicure $30
Full Manicure, Relaxing Neck Massage, Warm Paraffin and Polish. (30 mins).
Serenity Manicure $35
Full Manicure Sugar Scrub, Warm Paraffin & Polish, Relaxing Neck Massage with Herbal Oil (35 mins).
*Dipping Manicure $47*


Classic Spa Pedicure $35
Treat your feet with nail trimming and shaping, Cuticle Grooming, Lotion Massage, Hand Towel wraps and Polish. Your feet as a result, Look brighter, healthier and more refreshing. Paraffin hot wax (optional) add $5.
Deluxe Spa Pedicure $45
Nail shaping, cuticle & intensive Callus Treatment, Sea Salt Scrub (choice of Lavender or Spearmint), warm paraffin and smoothing foot massage leaving your feet sensational!
Premium Spa Pedicure $55
Your feet take pleasure in a Sea Spa Salt Bath, followed by intensive Callus Treatment, Sugar Scrub, Warm Paraffin, Relaxing Massage (10 mins). This procedure increases blood flow and soothes arthritis symptoms.
Day Spa Serenity Pedicure $65
This luxurious treatment will help rejuvenate tired legs and feet, leaving your feelings totally pampered by soaking your feet with fresh slices of orange in the mix. Followed by a gentle application of our Orange Scrub mask and Butter Massage. Choice of Warm Paraffin Wrap or Hot Stones Massage.
Əróma Spa Pedicure $75
First, soak in arome essence and sanitizer; the burst of **$75 fragrance will calm the senses while purifying the skin. Second, pour the Arome Oil into the tub; engage in the gentle moisturizing water. Third, sprinkle the Cleansing Leaves into the water and infuse in Arome Spa. Fourth, dip your feet in Warm Paraffin Wax treatment, Fifth, massage generously over feet and legs soothing the tired muscles. Finally, apply the Isopropyl Palmitate Oil, leaving skin moisturized and protected from UV radiation.


Add Gel $15
Take Off $5
Only at Upscale Day Spa Nails, we are stride to protect our guests from bacteria build up and infections by adding Disposable Liner to each service. This is the most efficient and sanitary way and our guests can be assured of a safe, clean pedicure, free of viruses and fungi. Please ask for more retails.


Shellac gives your manicure more stability than the unusual manicure allowing the polish to last longer.
Shellac Polish $23
Shellac Polish & Manicure $35
Shellac French $28
Shellac French & Manicure $40
Remove Gel Polish $5 & Up


Classic Manicure & Pedicure $52
Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure $65
Premium Manicure & Pedicure $75
Serenity Manicure & Pedicure $85
Nail Enhancements Services

Nail Enhancements Services

This process will give your nails extra strength, and add length and your polish will last longer.
Polish Change Hand Color $10
Polish Change Hand French $15
Polish Change Toes Color $12
Polish Change Toes French $15
Take Off with Full Set $5
Take Off with Color or Clear $12
Designs by Hand $5 & Up
Nail Repair $5 & Up

Full Set

Acrylic $36
UV Gel $45
Pink & White (Solar) $55
Tap Hybrid Gel $55
SNS Dipping $50
Ombre $55

Fill In

Acrylic $25
UV Gel $35
Pink & White (Solar) $45
Tap Hybrid Gel $45
SNS Dipping $45
Ombre $45
For Our Angles

For Our Angles

Age (1-7)

Manicure $14
Pedicure $28
Combo $40

Age (8-10)

Manicure $16
Pedicure $30
Combo $46
Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $12
Lips (Upper or Lower) $8
Chin $10 & Up
Side of Face $15 & Up
Half Face/Full Face $22 / $40 & Up
Underarms $15 & Up
Full Arms $40 & Up
Full Arms and Hands $50 & Up
Back or Chest $50 & Up
Half Leg (Upper or Lower) $35 & Up
Full Legs $60 & Up
Bikini $30 & Up
High Bikini $45 & Up
A complimentary beverage or red wine Free wi-fi. Feel free to ask for the password.